Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Panthers Did Not Win...

...the Pats just plain lost the game. Talk about sloppy play and just no real passion to win the game - which the panthers had plenty.

Where the New England Patriots out partying all week and the forgot to practice before the game? They just did not bring it for this loss. We're just not used to loosing anymore. Which is probably for the best that it's the second game of the season and will hopefully shame the Pats into getting keisters into gear.

And it was a bad day all around for Boston Sports with the Red Sox loss to Oakland keeping them only 1.5 games ahead of the Yankees.

On a separate note - I just love football season. Today was the first game I could just scream at the TV again - I, for example spent a few minutes screaming that variable did stripped the ball before Davis was down.

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