Friday, September 09, 2005

Red Sox vs. Yankees...Not the Same as it used to be.

Now the focus switches from the New England Patriots season opener to the much under-anticipated Red Sox vs. The Yankees in the Bronx. Probably the best story is David Wells starting of the series for the Red Sox. However, as a Red Sox Fan, I have been struggling with an identity crisis all season long. Somehow the rivalry just just not have the same flare that it used to after the World Series win and the fact that the Red Sox lead in the standings.

The reason I bring it up is that the memory of being picked on by the Yankees fans when the tables were reversed is still acutely etched somewhere in my brain. Why is it that we in Red Sox nation do not feel the same need to run their noses in it they way we used to get it from them?

How many of us remember Yankees fans cheering "1918" or the Yankees game lead AT Fenway. I never liked the "Yankees Suck" cheer on our side. Partly because they did not (at least at the time) suck but because it did not capture the true essence of the rivalry - Yankees "Fans" Suck. Especially at the games, the Yankees fans seemed to establish their identity on the ability to easily drive a few hours and pick on us. You could easily get a Yankees fan to start drilling into stories of failure on the Sox part and, as the conversation would continue, they just could not let it go.

It will be interesting to see what the tone of the Yankees fan will be if the current standings hold. I myself will just enjoy where we are and look forward to October




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