Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Should I Start to Get Nervous?

When the Red Sox won last night in the extra innings tie break, I was nervously happy. It just feels like they are holding on by a thread right now. Now that the Yankees may have decided they know how to beat the Devil Rays with a 17-3 win in FL, it stings.

I've started the countdown to see if the Sox can squeak by and make it - but why? They Red Sox are in the lead right now. I think it is just my conditioning as a Boston Fan to think the worst event if your team right now is, on paper, in the lead. But with shaky, inconsistent pitching, who can blame me. Let's hope that Wells can deliver the bacon tonight.

And what's up with Foulke? I'm hoping he pulls a Schilling and finds his mojo again in one of his next appearances.

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