Monday, September 12, 2005

Bledsoe Still Lives On....

Admit still follow Bledsoe, you still love him.

It's very reminiscent of another key Boston Sports figure that had a flash of brilliance and meant something to the hordes of faithful in New England. Someone who, went placed in the US major leagues, never seemed to be able to seal the deal here in New England. Yet over the years we would still perk-up and listen to any news broadcast that mentions his name and pay attention. We would route for the ultimate scrappy under-dog in games against other teams. You know who I am referring to because he's playing for the Pats again this season...

Somehow, with Bledsoe, we'll always have the pre-championship era Patriots when DB made us believe that it could happen. The Patriots could win a championship and if the Pats could do it then maybe the Red Sox?

Special note for the younger generation - after the mid eighties, championships were hard to come by in New England and it was one of the things that united patriots and Red Sox fans alike!
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