Saturday, September 10, 2005

Strike One - Yanks Over Sox...a Sloppy Joe Fest

Ok the first game of the series has gone to the Yankees. I was hoping that David Wells would keep his power going and have a good showing in front of his old team but it looks like he was humbled by it.

To show you how fickle the media is, have you read today's article Gaining Momentum? Just the title of this article is the problem...didn't the Yanks just get beat-up by Tampa Bay? The rest of the article mirrors what actually happened - the Red Sox were sloppy and gave this one away. Johnny Damon is too concerned about his hair and was probably thinking about changing conditioners when he made that pathetic error.

Anyway, despite of what I said about being over the rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees, this loss does pinch just a touch more than a loss to other teams and probably feels great to the fans in NYC.

Let's see how the game goes tonight?


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